Tony Coleman (London Elecktricity) On Youtube now!!!

lol at tone having a good ol' dance round the studio...hasn't he just come out of hospital?
A lot of people do actually. I think that's very narrow minded. Check on Youtube for Chillstep, and there will be 1000's of results with brilliant production's of that kind.
Drumstep, Chillstep, Dubstep, Brostep.....Whatever.... Its just a word to describe a piece of music right? If you wanted to listen to something chilled out with a "dubstep" vibe then why not put chillstep? When other people call it that to and that's how people find it. Just my opinion anyays..

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Am i 12 Years old??? Your just past it and carnt exept the fact that things move forward. Sort it out.
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