Tons of old school and ragga for sell...LOOK!

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    Tons of old school and ragga for sell...LOOK! Updated trades-sell ragga/old school jungle list

    More tunes for sell. Stuff I didn’t want to really let go  Gimme offers on them and trades are cool for some. If you want sound clips let me know. People that use Paypal to pay get first dibs. Email me at:

    GEMS that are 25$ and higher or trade only:
    ---Champion Sound-Chris Jay-Dubwise
    ---Coca Cola/Murder Tonight-Redlight
    ---Hardcore Romance/Don’t Diss the King-Brockout Crew
    ---The Terminator-Kolective 4-No Sell Out
    ---Hold it Down-Greenwood-Inner City Dance
    ---Babylon Pressure-IGI Collective-Awesome
    ---Trigger-Austin-Jungle Mania
    ---Fantasy/Pass De Dub-Dubtronix-Q Dance
    ---Dubplate Style EP-Cut D-Q Dance
    ---Soundboy in a Problem/Happy Your Mine-Underworld-Fist 2 Fist
    ---Greenwood EP-Greenwood-Innercity Dance “The best ICD with 4 tracks”
    ---Latest Craze-Demolition Man-SOUR white label
    ---Jungle Love-Shy Fx-Permission 2 Dance (hardcore/ragga/jungle)
    ---All the Ladies/Wicked Everytime-Jaco-Unity
    ---Southern California-TDK-TDK white label (anthem)
    ---Maximum Style rmx/All of My-Tom & Jerry 10 inch
    ---Lionheart/Art of Control-Dillinjah-Lion Heart
    ---It’s a Shame/Ruffcut-Lionist-Slam Records (goodie!)
    ---Horse Rider/Silence-DJ Dub Rush-Back 2 Back (one of my favs is horse rider. Rollin mash up rnb/ragga)
    ---Revolution Style/Limited Time-X Rated-Back 2 Back (both sides are hot)
    ---Rare and Jazzy/Crash Test-De Ice-Do or Die 007 (smoking tune)
    ---Def Squad Lick/Got Da Funk-BuckWild-jet star wl PER 01 (very nice mash up with red man vox)
    ---Breakpoint/The Day after Tomorrow/Slipstream-Missing-Pterodactyl Records 002 (I sold my 2 copies of 001 of this label, this one is nice also)
    ---Body Tune Up-DJ FT-Flying Fish
    ---One Bible-Asha Senator-Something To Say Records
    ---Surround Sound Vol1-DJ Rescue-Come Correct Recordings 10 inch wl(this is for trade only unless you have a good offer)
    ---Coca Cola rmx/Bastards-???-Shut up and Dance 004
    ---Somebody and rmx-Godfather-Redlight 008 (one of the last redlights and more rare then the others)
    ---The Jungle Dub Experience vol 1-Madd Professor and many others-Ariwa (very rare album)
    ---The Jungle Dub Experience album-Madd Professor and many others-Ariwa (very rare album)
    ---Durban Poison EP-Junglites-Budd Recordings (2 tracks ragga one jungle with “every day is a good day and another one get…” vocals)
    ---Whatever/Feel So Good-Mafia-Blackhanded vol 2 (rare as heck and sooo nice has barry white “what ever” vocals and “me wicked like the one Al Pacino”)
    ---Gun Buck/Double Function-Praga Khan-Zomba (rough)
    ---Run Come-The New Cru feat General Pecos-Labello Blanco
    ---You Don’t know/Heavenly Bass-Dillinja-Logic
    ---Special Toke EP: The Herb original/The Herb rmx-Knightforce 015 (This is my gem of gems. It is on red 12inch vinyl with a big green ganja leaf on it. The 10inch everyone wants is nothing compared to this)
    ---Josie’s Jungle-Dr Finger & Dom-Street Tuff white label business PC 01
    ---Everyman rmxs-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl 011
    --- Headless 003 Promo
    ---Hunt and Seek-2G’s-Assassin Records
    ---Big up Your Chest-2G’s-Assassin Records
    ---Satisfied Mixes-RAW-Assassins 002 (like 1000 made. HOT)
    ---String Dem Up-Cutty Ranks-Street Tuff 004 white label
    ---Bad MAN Sound-DJ Shock C-Headless 004 promo
    ---High Jack/Arabian Flight-Jay Parkes-PIN High ANT 003
    ---Worries Inah Dance rmx-DJ Ron-London Sumptin 003 white label
    ---Jungle Mahem-Sum 1-white label (samples hello lover/ganja man/arsonist and tons of other classics into one big mash up extrazaganza)
    ---9 MM/Bomber-VA-Jungle Massive VS Hardsteppers vol 2
    ---Lets Get Rdy-???-IQ promo (30 made)

    Jungle Toons that are 25$ and under:
    ---Gangster-Junglist-Ibiza (best Ibiza imo)
    ---Sensi for Sale-Sniper-???
    ---Rasta Youth-Cantankerous-Slamming
    ---Sensi Addict-Candy Man-Hyper
    Prophet of God-Adam F-Deep Jungle
    Heaven n Hell-The Slam Collective-Sour
    Championz/Nuff Respect-Special Ops-N2O
    Make It Alright/Unknown-Ruff Element
    Loving-Mark X-Kemet
    Melody Madness rmxs-Cool Hand Flex-In Touch
    Screwface mixes-Brainkillers-3rd party
    Its Over/Raw-Harlequin-Ruff Element white label
    Lets Get it On-Shy Fx-EPIC
    Feel the Magic/Wheel Up/Come Inside/Breakage 6-Generation X-3rd paty
    Bomber/Velvet Seduction-Aphroditie-Aphroditie
    Bonanza Kid/Buck Rogers-Firefox-Philly Blunt
    The Deep/Spacetek-Koda-Dee Jay
    Feel the Need-Lloydie Crucial-Lloydie Crucial
    All Massive-Darren H and Punisher-Boom Tunes white label
    Natty Music/Lazy Bones/Jungle-Simon Bassline Smith-Rogue Trooper
    Agony/Nice Time-Kemet-Kemet
    Champion of Champions part 2/Stop Pushing Me/Bonus-Kemet-Kemet
    Lighter rmxs-SS-Formation
    Heaven/Are We In-D Cruze-Suburban Base promo
    ???-???-Pharoah Records wl 006 (great tune with happy vibe)
    Dream of You/Flowers-Flynn N Flora
    Dread Ah Star-Scratch C and Shaka Black-Pharoah Records (erie mash up)
    Super Hero rmx II-The house crew-production house
    Lovely Feeling/Deep in the Jungle-Aphroditie-Amazon
    Nutty Bass/Ill Be There-Baraka-Boogie Beat
    Easy Men-SS-wl
    Easy Men rmx-SS-wl
    Murderer-A Sides-Strictly Underground
    The Funky Drummer-The Asssailant-Boundless Recordings
    Soundclash/Eternity-Dark and Deadly-Drum and Bass (same label mates as Innercity Dance/slam etc)
    Digable Bass/Spiritual Aura rmx-Rap/Ray Keith-Proper Talent
    The Resurrection-Chalke-Force of Nature wl
    Let me tell you something-Pascal and Alex Reece-Face Records 102
    Example EP-Direct to Metal-Street Tuff white label SMRS 8T
    Selassie Lives-Operator-D Lux (promo)
    Smokers Rhythm-SS-Formation 058
    Callie Weed-Eddie & Harri-One Touch Recordings 003
    Little Rollers VOL 1 (promo wl)
    Mister Men Vol 1
    Durban Poision-Babylon Time Warp-Mister Men vol 3
    Boomer-???-Mister Men vol 2 (Good toon)
    Rumble Rmx-M Beat-Renk
    Ruffest-DJ Rap-Proper Talent
    The Way VIP (Final Chapter)-DJ Taktix-Back 2 Basics 012 (good lovin fe the gal dem)
    Mob Handed 002
    Sound Boy/Infinity-Kid J-IQ 011
    Tek Back No Talk/Hold On-Heretic-Sonic 002
    Hit Man/Limb by Limb SS rmx-Cutty Ranks-Suburban Base 59
    Little Rollers Vol 1R
    Come on Down/Take Me Down-LLoydie Crucial-Lloydie Crucial Productions 010
    ???-???-Ibiza Records-IR 52
    ???-???-Aphroditie 012 white label
    Victory rmxs-Dextrous-Riddum 001 test press
    ???-???-Ibiza Records IR 47 (talking about smoking blunts and stuff )
    Every Dog has its day/Smile-GT-Ibiza Records IR0-50
    I want to get down/Tear Drops/Living in the Light-Ibiza Records IR0-45
    Good Old Days-Jungle Hop and Half Breed-24 Carat 006
    Little Rollers vol 1-Flex Records
    Champion tax dodgers rmx-Buju Banton-Jet Star wl CRT 195
    The Crowd says rewind/So Good/I wanna Say Yeah-C Biz-Brain Records
    Takin Over-Sizzla Herb LF-SJ 001
    No No No-Dawn Penn-Geensleeves
    Ripple-Zinc-Renk 56 promo
    Sweet Vibrations rmxs-DMS and Bone Man-Shure Shot 001
    Heads High-Heretic-Rude Bwoy Plastic 002
    Jungle Western and Cowboy Style-Build me 3 Coffins-Josey Wales Beenie Man-Greensleeves
    Gangsta Jungle-Cowboy Ranger-Greensleeves