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    Sup sup...

    I'm actually sending out the word this week cos I've got a special guest swingin' by.

    My homeslice and Partner in Crime, the one and only Hooligan, will be joining me on los deckos this evening. The man is a sheer master of vinyl destruction, and a fantabulous seeeeelektor as well.

    "How do I partake?" you say. Well, just follow the simple steps below:

    1. Click on one of the links below for your desired bitrate of audio:

    64k - http://jungletrain.net/64kbps.m3u (a feast for your broadband!)
    24k - http://jungletrain.net/24kbps.m3u (modem user's delight!)

    2. Check out ze webcam:

    Linky - http://dirtboxradio.com/webcam/ (with Tim's mug as a pre-show placeholder)

    3. And, finally, chat with the wonderful inhabitants of Jungeltrain's IRC Chat:

    Linky - http://jungletrain.net/index.php?page=2&subpage=0&color=2

    We'll be broadcasting from 9pm 'til 11ish EST.

    We hope to see you all tonight!

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