.: Tonight on Dirtbox Radio (6/27) : F8, Abe Froman, ODJ, Jerel :.

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    .: Tonight on Dirtbox Radio (6/27) : F8, Abe Froman, ODJ, Jerel :.

    Whassup y'all?

    Tonight Jerel and I will be joined by two stellar junglists, to bring you yet another tight ass show. Representin' the Mantis Sound System, F8 will be comin thru to bless us with the dark and dirty, as well as some original production. Comin' all the way down from Fredrick area is Abe Froman, returning from baby hiatus. Abe brings the danga' with big dancefloor ch00nz and wicked mixing skills.

    Here's the timeslots, in EDT:

    07-09pm - ODJ & Jerel
    09-10:30pm - F8
    10:30-12am - Abe Froman
    12-?? - Afterhours

    Looks like we'll be graced by another of the MSS crew, Psykofly, also swingin in with some fresh dubs of his own, for some afterhours action!


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    Don't forget to peep the site from time to time, for upcoming lineups, photos, archives, crew booking dates, and other such goodies.

    And if you didn't know already, Dirtbox Kru is teamin up with Alchemy next Sunday to bring you some phat 4th of July action. More details on the site!

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