Tonight from 9pm - Dark - Neuro - Tech D'n'B

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    Apr 27, 2007
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    Greetinz all. catch the Wreak Show tonight 9pm - 11pm (uk time) And every thursday there after on

    Bringing you the best in Dark, Tech, Neuro D'n'B or any other term people want to call it

    We hope to bring special guest's in the coming month's, guest mixes and chit chat from a host of people.

    If you would like your bit's played on are show hit us up @ or aim wreakuk.

    So if your into Offkey, Cylon, Freak, Lb, R Hardware, P Chrome,Subtitles,Habit etc... Look no further....

    USA = 4pm - 6pm est

    Europe = 11pm - 1am eet