Tone Def Records - We Are BACK!

Hi DND Forum, in 1990 while DJing in Windsor, a guy handed me a cassette and asked if I was interested in signing a track to my label - Tone Def Records. It was one of the most inspiring pieces I'd heard in a very long time. It suited the Tone Def style, and a new partnership was forged.

Tone Def Records' second release "Dream Finder" by Sound Corp was the start of something new, refreshing and vibrant. It had no title as such, but we knew it was ours. Over the past 26 years, the music we helped kickstart is called Drum and Bass.

The label was mothballed in 1996, but the music making bug never leaves, once you've had a dose of that exhilarating buzz.

I am happy to announce that the label relaunches in 2017!

Meanwhile Sound Corp have started warming up their analogue gear, and put together this megamix to reacquaint the world with our roots.


Tone Def Records