Tomorrow, 320 mp3, liquid piece.


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I love the pad with the LFO twist towards the end... that's neat.

Man, this is really cool... loving the sounds.

Mmmmmm, the drums sound great! Bass is nice, loud, and level. Vocal is a bit housey for me but fits the tune... I'll give it that (lol... I just noticed she said Tomorrow and that's what the track is named).

Love the extra effort you put in around the 2:30+ mark... the drum fill and the extra notes on the bass... along with the extra Pad work!!!

The Vocal has grown on me :D The track won me over, lol. She is now sounding pretty sexy to me.

Great Brkdwn!! I can see that 1 bringing a lot of smiles to the punters! Nice KD fill on 4:26!

If I was mixing out of this, I'd start lining up the next track at 4:48 and start bringing it on that 1 at 5:10ish. Imo, the outro could be twice as long... the track is begging for a long mix IMO :clown:

:fantastic work:

you sold it to me


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instant download ;)

production sounds nice, bass could be a little bit straighter, sounds a tad too distorted on my end. drumwork is something different from the norm, which im liking a lot, that crunchy snare is big.

vocal sits nice in the mix and isnt too housey for my liking.

i would have loved that piano-esque thing which starts at 2.16 to start a little bit earlier, but apart from that i like the musical content aswell.

think proto is right about making it a little bit longer, maybe just 32 bars would be enough.

but at the end its your tune and its sounding good already!
big ups.