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    Was honoured to play a great party in my home town the other night and this is what it sounded like, enjoy and spread it round like a disease, merry christmas!
    Noisia - Shower For An Hour
    Delta Heavy - Abort
    Camo & Krooked - Cant Get Enough
    Delta Heavy - Space and Time
    Wilkinson - Samurai
    Grafix - Holding On
    High Contrast - If We Ever
    Pessimist - Whispers Of A Scandal (Spy Remix)
    Squash - Divine
    Nulogic - Bigfoot
    Cyantific - Opium
    Rockwell - DJ Friendly Unit Shifter
    Loadstar - Link To The Past
    Noisia - My World
    Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)
    Wilkinson - Scream It
    Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour
    Danny Byrd - We Can Have It All (Sigma Remix)
    Furlonge - Task Master
    Brookes Brothers - F Zero
    Danny Bryd - Gold Rush
    Cyantific - One More Time
    Netsky - Iron Heart
    Grafix & Fred V - White Lies
    Indivision & Livewire - Apologies
    Camo & Krooked - Without You.
    Sub Focus - Triple Vision
    TC - Borrowed Time Vip
    Shapeshifter - Dutchies (State Of Mind remix)
    Dirtyphonics - Teleportation
    Shimon - The Smoker (Tantrum Desire Remix)