To those who run their own label..


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Jul 12, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Im starting my own label, just finalizing the small details like the name business kinda shit but its gonna be small time run outta my room.
hopefully this thread will help anyone starting a label not just myself.

was asking for advise from anyone who has or does run their own label.
any regrets or bad business moves? what to look out for and avoid etc.
advise on approaching artists you want to sign - whats the rules here with money/deals on signing songs.
Im sure more questions will come up/

Im gonna personalize everything and focus highly on artwork and making it collectable. im investing a bit of cash into it and i know im gonna lose money but i think itll be worth it. The amount of money i waste on drugs/alcohol will actually be going to a good cause, and cause no one else will do it i am.
ive got a few good ideas and will be starting small scale but i think some people on here will like whats coming! I dont think ill need a distribution for the small scale itll be starting on but I guess if i want to go digital ill need to also.

anyways talk discuss and help
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