To change or not to change...


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My DJ/Producing name

I've started playing out as "Sektor" but as (maybe some of you know) I use the name "Kill Joy" on my SC account.

I kinda just feel that as my productions are upping their game then maybe it's time for a name change.

Whats your opinion on changing DJ names. Fletch, I know you've changed ur name a few times. opinions?


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if ur pretty much unknown u can get away with it. Big name producers produce under different names as well. just establish a name. dont look at it as just ur name but as the brand u wanna be 'famous' for. u get me?

dirty breaks

Yeah kinda. Just havin a hard time letting go of the old one even though I'm not even established... gayyyy
use both..
1.) keep them both 'active' with an online presence so no-one steals either name
2.) make DnB under one name
3.) make Dubstep under the other
5.) ?????
6.) Profit


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Do whatever you fancy mate :)

I have probably heard a tune of yours but I can't remember at all :lol: If you are far into production and are already making top quality tunes I say keep what you have got but if your looking to explore then come up with a second name to use too.

Funtcase for example keeps all his crazy "brostep" stuff being released Funtcase. He knows fans of brostep will be looking to him for new tunes and fans of deeper tunes will be staying well clear of his tracks. So for his deeper and darker stuff he releases it under a different name of Haze.

If you are like me though and have only been producing a few months or whatever I say wait until you notice a drastic improvement :) I just go by my everyday name of Jordan Parsons right now and will always be trying new stuff out with that name. But I production wise I am starting to find a sound I like and am noticing constant improvments with my tracks. When I reach a stage I am happy with my plan is to come out with an EP or track or something under a different name :D

DJ wise though if you are already getting sets in clubs or whatever as Sektor maybe stick with it? Just do whatever though really!

Mr Fletch

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Do whatever ya want mate.

Yeah I changed my artist name 3 times now. Started off as Dimenzion-X, pretty much cos thats all I could think of at the time, and didnt really care. But once I started getting a bit more serious about it I changed it to Prophet, because I was writing alot of liquid / ambient stuff, and that name kinda gave off that style of vibe (In my head anyway). Now I'm extremely serious about my productions, and like to think I'm at a new level........Focusing more on the darker side of drum and bass, and filthy dubstep........And Kronix is now the name I go by, which again, in my head sounds abit grittier!

But thats it for me, I've finally found a solid artist name that I'm happy with, getting more followers by the day on soundcloud, and finding my new style......I wont be changing again.


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Yeah i like the name Kronix alot, it sounds pretty pro to me. I'm just thinking about my name as well now, I think I have improved my sounds considerably recently and I have 2 tracks on the work in progress that I need to finish badly and I'm also thinking about a name change from MANTIS, however I still like the name quite a bit, what do any of you guys think about that name?