TNOIZE005 - Dj-Sinister - The Cosmos EP

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    TNOIZE005 - Dj-Sinister - The Cosmos EP



    Twistednoize has traveled the world so far looking for the freshest talent out there. And for this release we’ve gone to the far side of the globe (Australia). With several release’s on numerous labels, running the hugely popular Darkland recordings and the biggest output of tunes from any body in the scene. Twistednoize is pleased to welcome DJ SINISTER


    Black Holes: Black holes – With militant beats you could march too and a big booming bass line. This one will have even the most harden junglist nodding there head from the very start.

    Innerspace: With its old skool stabs, Sinister comes with another smooth rolling piece of tunage.

    Digital Dust: Sinister once again come's with the beats and delivers a nice straight up roller.

    Full Moon: The intro builds up just like its creators name, a sinister soundscape leads you in to thinking some thing darks about to happen. But what really happens is a quality piece of liquid d&b.


    A.Black Holes


    C.Digital Dust

    D.Full Moon


    The Cosmos EP
    Complete Download .zip file
    Download the complete EP by clicking the download link below
    The zip file is 60.3MB