TMSV - Over Out EP (Cosmic Bridge - CBR017)

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    A1 - Over Out
    A2 - Torpedo Riddim
    B1 - King David Riddim
    B2 - Rolla

    Ltd Edition 12” Vinyl & Download
    Released: 24th June 2016
    File Under: DnB, Jungle, Juke, 160

    Cosmic Bridge welcomes Dutch producer TMSV, the alias of Tomas Roels, to its expanding roster with a four-track EP built for the adventurous sound system seekers.
    Over Out arrives a few years after Roels began sending demos and music to label boss Om Unit. As the TMSV sound evolved from Roels’ roots in the dubstep scene towards a more personal, refined take on the nexus between the various strains of high tempo bass music, his new material proved too irresistible for Om Unit. “I had to have these tracks,” the label head says of Over Out. “Just well produced good music that works on a system and isn’t limited by genre or scene rules.”

    The EP opens with the title track, a shuffling riddim that contrasts a rolling wobble bass against energetic drums. ‘Over Out’ sets the tone for the release and draws a line between TMSV’s past and where he sees himself heading. ‘Torpedo Riddim’ continues this theme with a deep, pitch-bent bass, time-stretch vocal samples, and loose drum rolls. A take on jungle that is equal parts nostalgic and current. The B side opens with ‘King David Riddim’, another dancefloor workout built around recognizable vocal and horn samples that draws inspiration from Chicago juke and filters its energy through the lessons of drum & bass and jungle. Closing proceedings we find ‘Rolla’ and another unmissable vocal sample from the annals of jungle music calling you back for one last dance. For this one, TMSV slides into the music’s ragga era and pulls from its tropes to build a solid, eyes-down production that oscillates between juke and techno repetition to create unshakable energy.

    TMSV is a fitting addition to the Cosmic Bridge family and Over Out announces the next step in his musical journey. Future dread music for the open minded.
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    His recent release on RUA is killer. Very much looking forward to this!
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    all about this!