Titanium powerbook on the road


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Jun 13, 2003
OK. So I'm a :drums: that happens to spin dnb as well. I've got tons of loops, samples, tunes, etc. that I have made in pro-tools, cubase, and reason on my tiBook.

I've got an Mbox peripheral running on OSX and I'm looking to start taking the show on the road incorporating my own music with records as well.

Will the mbox serve as an audio interface to get into a mixer in good quality or do I need to get another Interface to run cubase and reason through? I'm looking for something a little more live friendly than protools.

Anyone have suggestions?



Mar 5, 2003
Bristol, UK
i would imagine you want a external sound card essentially which has phono output, low latency and high quality playback. Check the m audio site, their usb audiophile devices i pretty sweet. I use mine for live playback on to the comp when i do radio broadcasts, it can sample at up to 24bit 96khz so is pretty sweet, very low latency to. I would imagine this could quite easily work in the reverse though i have never tried.
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