Titan - Strive


Oct 28, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm Titan. Just come by to post you guys a free 320 of my new track called 'Strive'. It's a minimalistic, uplifting, calm track that I made a few days ago. Check it out, download it and all I ask for in return is positive feedback and/or negative ofcourse if it's constructive.

Thanks. :)

Titan - Strive



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Oct 25, 2009
think the drums are quite basic bro, they could do with a break behind them and some mid layers. that being said, the musical elements in this are coming through very nicely. got a big atmosphere sounding great. but in my opinion the drums are detached and not very finely tuned, needs work!!


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Oct 27, 2010
Well I'm not an expert myself, but if I can give my opinion I would say the bpm are too high. It would work even better if it was a bit slower don't you think? I like the tune, the sounds and the relaxing melody, that's a good job overall. Maybe you could add some change in the second part of it, or a new instrument? ^^
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