tips on makin SAVAGE JUMP UP in fl studio???


jump up production!!
Mar 10, 2009
birmingham uk
ok so im new to producing, and only had my copy of fl8 for a short while in which time i havent had access to the interweb a whole lot so ive kinda been twiddling knobs for a few weeks and getting on ok, now im fully piped up with 20mb broadband ime finally able to progress further, only im finding some tutorials a bit overwhelming!!!

having first struggled with drums and percussion im know looking for tips on how to make sum naughty synths and bass,

although the love for dnb is high im only really interested in producing the jump up style dnb original sin, hazard, dj pleasure ,jayline, jaydan, taxman type stuff!

any tips on what vst,s to use within fl studio or any others i shoud be looking out for????

any tips at all on producing jump up would be much appreciated!!

dont rush things.
spend some time working on different sounds.
I used to spend days trying to figure out what all the things on 3osx did..or whatever its called.

also buy massive aswell
yes i think ur right bud not to rush!
just that ive been made redundant from work,
and so i plan on spending all my free time between here and my studio!!
im dedicating myself 2 the music lol
thats good man, use your time u have to learn, then when u dont have much time u can still put a track together because u already know how to do different things.
far as questions go i think 'how do i maek jamp ap' is pretty stupid.
download a 24 bit HQ fat fuck off version of a classic funk break,
cut out kick hi and snare and other bits, try and make a fat break.
then work out how to do a sub and work out a subbassline.
thats a good start for any genre of dnb.

listen to a lot of jump up and the style will come to you eventually
my suggestion to you would be to grow some balls and stop jumping on the bandwagon.... try doing something new mate.... dont copy....
hold on a second, i know ime new here but what the hell r u talking about???? jumpin on the band wagon???

so anybody new to producing dnb with a certain sub_genre in mind is "jumpin on the band wagon tooo"

sorry i didnt realise jump up was only for those who are allready doing it!

oh well peeps seems the jump up dnb door has been closed, and if u aint in there already your fucked????

my suggestion to you would be to grow some balls and stop jumping on the bandwagon.... try doing something new mate.... dont copy....

uncalled for rock! when i started producing i wanted to know alot of these things, they never got answered but still it all helps to develop your own sound..
cheers bud!
u see i was mearly nameing a few good producers who i like the best and who i aspire to be like??

i had a feeling sum ppl were gonna be silly!!
fair point mate,

i aspire to be like mampi swift. but im not gonna go out and copy him, im going to put my own creativity n own twist to what i make, i mean im sure u can hear my influence, but its not a copy, and it has my noise, my vibe.

keep up with what u are doing. you can only learn.

(not sure if that made any sense as im extremely tired).
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