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Aug 29, 2011
hey guys
came across this article and i found interesting

the last part seems to have an interesting it possible to use the same technique i making liquid dnb?also can anyone also say how the bassline could be played?
also when it come to chords,your bassline is supposed to follow the chord progression,right?what baffles me is that a number of producers always say the have 2 to 3 max number of notes in their is this
there is no such thing of course, these tutorials are good for getting some inspiration from or whatever but there is no set method other than the one you make up for yourself. no maximum notes either. to answer your question though, yes, that method can be used for liquid dnb. but then again getting a teapot half full with water, hit it with a metal spoon and jiggle the handle so the water sloshes and it makes that pitch bendy boioioing sound and then you record that, pitch it down, lowpass, layer with it self, detune and maybe that is a method too
Your bassline can either follow the same chord progression, or it can even stay as one held note (played in the root key of the song) and then you can automate the pitch of said long note so that the bassline "dances."

If you're a noob, try picking a key and then google the key and find out what notes coincide with the root notes scale. Look into major/minor scales. Also, look at the complimentary note of a root key as it can play a huge role in changing the "mood" of the track while maintaining the key consistency.

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