Tips on a particular bassline...


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Hey guys, I'm looking for an advice on how to achieve a particular sound. The track in mind is this :
I would like to hear your opinion on the bass, which starts from 4:04 on. To me it sounds like a low passed square or saw wave with a lot of tube distortion and tube compression, perhaps a phaser in the high end. What do you think?


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It will be difficult to explain in details but few general tips can be given as I have few developed presets sounding close to that. So to start with as this bass´s weight is centered down low in 200 Hz area it contains subbier wavetable (a sine or variation of it, probably sine mixed with square or saw) and as a second wavetable it should contain something grittier as saw or something similar(even PWM). So now you have these 2 wavetables. Generally a good foundation is essential to getting great bass sounds so choose and tweak your wavetables with precision. Once you get a sound that has some weight in the lows and some grit to it it´s time to move to probably the hardest-to-get-right part. Filtering and modulation. Make/choose a lowpass filter and set cutoff to around 2-4kHz(area for experimentation). Next step is to assign LFO to cutoff. Experiment with LFO times and envelopes. I am not the best in analyzing sounds but it seems that in this tune the bass is having the grittier part at the start of the note, so I guess LFO envelope should have the main attack at the start i.e quickly fading curve. Getting the LFO times and envelopes right is a helluva work and will take a lot of time. Generally if you´ll choose slow LFO times and make notes shorter you should get more playground for bass arrangement. After you have finished your filtering you could add LFO to filter´s resonance and automate that too. This in theory will give you more pronounced "wow-wow" texture to sound. Alright next step is to experiment with unison(increase voices, I think you shouldn´t need more than 3) on each of wavetables, add some bit of chorus, distortion(tube should do) and EQ with compression.

Damn, I feel after all that explanation we are still pretty much in the beginning. You see, it´s difficult to explain the techniques and these should be rather shown. But if you did understand something then remember, the key features of this bass sound are right wavetables(variation of sine for lows and variation of saw for grit) and filtering(LFO on lowpassed filter´s cutoff) to create movement in the sound.