Tips needed to help ensure seamless mixes

Whats up all.

So ive been mixing now for about a year and a half but havent really had anyone older or more experienced to help me out.
So ive had to work most of it out for myself, making the learning process a bit longer.
Ive got a pretty tasty vinyl collection now, mainly like to play jubei, enei, spectrasoul, lenzman, commix. Anything that IMO has, soul.

Beatmatching is no problem, picking tunes that sound well together is fine its just mainly going from one tune to the other without it sounding like its lost something.

I only have DJM400 so the FX are pretty rubbish, how often do you all use FX?

BIIIG safe in advance :)


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i use the fx fuck all, if ever at all - esp on the pioneers.
the only one i may use is the filter, set it quite low.
while mixing if one of the tune's drums cut out for a bit but the other tune's drums dont, then i might turn on the filter on the drums that dont cut out during that section to make it sound smoother. usually i use 2/1 time for this on parameter 1

some people use the fx alot more and can be quite creavtive with it. play about... if it sounds good do it.

i think ur main area of focus should be on eq... lots of threads bumped in this section recently,,, check them out.
Yup, you know your shit and have discovered the most important thing in mix (imo); LEVELS. Nothing worse then a good mix being fucked due to a level/eq fuck up. Most tunes are the same, but you will get the odd one that is mastered different/fucked...too quiet/loud and it's a piss off. Always listen you your vinyl as soon as you get from begginning to end and watch out for those off level tunes. If you have to, write it on the label so you know for next time. Then when you go to play it, you can adjust the gain appropriately.

The way i mix, I usually have everything (low, mid, high) at 12 for the track that is playing through the main. I cue the track I am going to mix with the high & mid at 12, and the low killed/0/turned to 7oclock, however you want to say it. Once you have it matched and coming through the main, start to adjust the lows so that you are ading/subtracting equally. Hope that helps.
Try copying really good mixes you've heard. It's obviously not very creative but you can figure out how the tunes are timed and how the eq and levels were controlled during the mix. I did this a lot with the 1st nightlife cd and it helped a lot when I was first mixing dnb.