Tinnitus - The Not 4/4 Special - Sheffield


Hello TINNITUS Tribe, we hope you’ve been having a good 2008 so far. We’d like to extend a massive thanks to everyone who helped the mega-rave that was the TINNITUS/danger noise 11-hour NYE extravaganza to happen – we love every single one of you.

Anyway, to our next event. For our first party of 2008 we thought we’d do a night dedicated to broken beats, rolling Amens and gut-destroying basslines. It’s on Friday 22 February at Redhouse, Solly Street, Sheffield, kicking off at 10 pm and the music will be facilitated through the danger noise soundsystem by the following sub-bass scientists:

Over_D (Innovation & Breakin’ Science DJ comp winner) – The former Sheffield resident and lifelong junglist will be powering it up the M1 to knock us flat with an impeccably mixed choice of dark, techy, rolling DnB and devastating Jungle with the odd double drop - just ‘cos he can.

Oozat (Overkill/Instrumentality) – Has dreadlocks, but doesn’t like psytrance. Member of the long running Brighton-based music collective Instrumentality. Postman. But most importantly, an utterly sick DJ/producer who will destroy the dancefloor with an extra-special selection of Junglebreakcore.

DJ Holocaust (Chemical Solutions) – We’re lucky to have secured a rare Sheffield set from this mysterious East Anglian free-party facilitator who’ll make his TINNITUS debut with a dose of classic 93-95 old skool hardcore and jungle. Horns and whistles allowed, but we might have to draw the line at glowsticks.

Sinistatek vs. Ikarai (Audiolab Classics Set) – the hairy potter and the lanky bass-fiend will be representing Stoke-on-Trent’s leading renegade darkside junglist collective with some DnB killers from the start of the century.

Tek Rich (danger noise) – Everyone’s favourite soundbwoy with a slightly amusing forename/surname combination will be cracking it out in the way that only he can.

Distorted Panda (TINNITUS) – This is where the F**k Off Drum and Bass comes into play, along with some breakcore. And knowing him he’ll probably ruin the premise of the night by playing some kind of speedcore as well, the cheeky rapscallion!

Sam TINNITUS (TINNITUS) – TINNITUS resident/gobshite and general disorganiser will be getting you stomping with a trademark set of bassline-orientated breaks back from when the genre was half decent.

As our costs are starting to rise we’re going to have to charge a small entry fee (2 measly quid) for this one; we advise pay online at www.myearsarebleeding.co.uk or www.wegottickets.com to guarantee entry and, obviously, it will be a bit more to get in on the night.

Safe, see you on the floor . . .

The TINNITUS crew xx