Timing and Song Slicing


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YO! Right... Ive decided I wanna take a riff from a tune called 'Apache' by The Shadows and give it a jungle beat over the top. Ive cut out my riff but its not in time with the project's BPM. Ive put it into my sequencer and restretched it to the same size as a bar on my sequencer. (Im using FL Studio 7) Obviously because I've restretched it, the sound has gone high pitched so as to match the tempo. Is there any way that I can keep the sound the same pitch even though I've changed the timing. (soz if im not using the right terminology, not very good with that)

Also, say I wanted to remix a tune that isnt drum and bass, for the sake of the argument, 'Sex is on Fire' by The Kings of Leon. How would I go about upping the tempo to keep in sync with the stuff im putting over it?



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On the sample there should be a little arrow in the top left corner of the box. Click this to bring down a drop down menu, then select "fit to tempo". Once you've done that it will restretch the sample (so you may have to manually stretch it yourself again) however this time whenever you stretch it it shouldn't change in pitch ;)
Just out of curiosity, what would be the method for doing this in Logic?
click on the region that you want to stretch... or squish. then highlight the area that you want the region to fit into (2 or 4 bars, whatever) with the green thing that repeats your selection. making sense so far? after that, go up to audio, and simply click on 'adjust region length to locators'

OR, if your sample is pretty close on, you can again, go up to audio and click on 'adjust region length to nearest bar.'