Hey all, I live in Tokyo, Japan but I'm originally from Atlanta. I fell in love with drum and bass about 7 years ago when I bumped into "Mayhem" at a party.

I used to go under this forum as tim c, but I left that name behind when I moved to Japan. I'm a massive fan of most genres of dance music *hence the dj name*.

Now i only focus on bass music as i don't have time nor do I need the glory of being the "DJ" anymore. production has gradually become a part of my spare time, although I know I need to consciously make it full time to get where I want to be with drum and bass.

This forum makes me feel like I'm chilling with my brothers from other mothers.

FYI, this is my site (co-created with friend of mine here): www.bassick.jp

Follow me on soundcloud too! www.soundcloud.com/timeslut

If any of you find yourself East, please message me!!!