Drum & Bass Timeless Travellers LP (Bass'Flo & Ziyal) PRE-ORDER Now Live!

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    Reaching to the furthest part of the universe, Cosmic Origins was formed in 2012 inspired by deep atmospheric vibrations, which reflects the mid-90s intelligent jungle/drum 'n' bass sound. When the music, mind and body combine as one unit, even space travel can be possible to the Cosmic Origins.

    The debut release from the sister label Cosmic Origins is the Timeless Travellers LP from Bass'Flo & Ziyal. In similar style to AM Producer 01, this is a limited edition CD release covering 2 discs of deep atmospheric productions over multiple genres. Timeless Travellers also includes special guest remixes from Ulrich Schnauss & Aural Imbalance.

    Pre-Order - Bass'Flo & Ziyal Presents
    Timeless Travellers LP

    // DISC ONE

    01. Looking Back from the Edge of Time
    02. Dissolution (Aural Imbalance Remix)
    03. A Temporal Existence
    04. Innocence
    05. Enani
    06. Binary Galaxies
    07. Ice Sculptures
    08. Timeless Travellers
    09. Voices From Within
    10. Dissolution

    // DISC TWO

    01. Antarctica
    02. Dark City Lights
    03. Enani (Ulrich Schnauss E77 Remix)
    04. Blue Spiral
    05. Astronauts
    06. Constallation of Andromeda
    07. Matter is Energy
    08. Night Voyage
    09. Over the Horizon
    10. Antarctica (Aural Imbalance Frozen Remix)

    http://www.advection.co.uk/cosmicorigins/ PRE-ORDER Now Live!
    Copies from £20 excluding shipping 2 CD Set + Poster, Shipped from 22nd April 2013. Full release in May 2013 for non-preorder customers.

    **Bass'Flo & Ziyal Available for Worldwide
    **Bookings www.advection.co.uk/agency
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