Time for your moment of Xen... (plus, stylus/cart choice question)


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... I'm back :D Missed this place!

Right, on to business - for (primarily) home DJing, with maybe a smattering of club use, where quality is a must be ruggedness is also nice, what's the best choice of styli/cart choice? Picked up some mk2s the other day and they came without carts (or headshells for that matter), so now given the chance to buy my own carts for em I want to get the best possible.

I'm thinking of Ortofons, but Shure also make some very nice cart/styli combos... If you DJ, what do you use, why do you use what you use and why, and how much did they cost you?

All feedback appreciated. :)

Also, I just thought I'd add - at work we're digitising some of our back catalogue (all on vinyl), and we've got one of those Numark TTXes with the integrated USB audio interface. It came with a Stanton 500v3, and I have to admit it sounds alright given the material we're playing (old heavy metal primarily) - but I'd hardly consider Stanton normally for carts. I've not had a chance to audition the Stanton cart with some of my own D&B, but does anyone rate those carts at all? I'll have to wait on getting some really nice carts (like the whitelabels) until after Christmas, so I need some cheapish fill-in carts to tide me over until then (and I guess become backup carts after I get my main ones). So, what do people think about those Stantons?
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