Timbaland: I Created Dubstep


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We just got back from the Timbaland, Michelle Branch and MINI Countryman press conference – we’ll be revealing major info on that colossal collaboration tomorrow – and as well as mentioning the new track he’s done with the country singer, called Getaway, he revealed what he’d do with his car (when it gets delivered of course) and also his views on the UK music scene…

As you know we’re well up on all things MINI and Timbaland as we’ve already posted our MINI Countryman competition… so it was only right we were invited down to the world exclusive press conference.

The relaxed super-producer, sat opposite George Lamb and next to the award-winning country singer, Michelle Branch, is metres away from a mega shiny MINI Countryman. The car looks amazing in person by the way; a five door, A-road-ready MINI, yes please!!!

Meanwhile, while I had one eye on the car, Timbo was answering questions on music and what type he plays in his car, “I like everything,” he smiled. “I don’t just listen to one thing, I listen to everything. Right now, cos I’m working on people’s albums that is what I’m listening to in the car. That is the best place to do it.” Of a similar opinion to the producer, Michelle Branch had an almost parallel view. “I have a very bossy daughter and she controls what we have in our car. Of course, like Tim, that is the best place to listen to what I’m working on.”

Despite not revelling who he’s actually in the studio with – RWD assume Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Kanye West are on the list – Timbaland revelled what he’d actually do when his MINI Countryman turns up. With a massive grin he exhales, “I’ll drive around the block.” A man of simple pleasures.

And the last part of the press conference was even more insightful. “Well you know; I’m always over here,” Mr Mosely said to the question, ‘What do you think of the UK music scene?’ before continuing with a very debatable statement. “The UK scene… they’re always telling me that I started it. You have Dub-bass…” As he said that, George Lamb of T4 and son of Larry Lamb fame, interjected with ‘Dubstep?’ and Tim schooled him. “Yeah, dubstep but I call it dub-bass [as the room laugh]. It’s the bass that drives the music. It’s funny cos they went back to some of my old music that really created that sound and just, instead of going fast, they went slow with more bass. To me, I like it but they call it dubstep. I like how they dance to it now, it’s cool.”

So after now collaborating with a country singer and working with a plethora of pop princesses (Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Beyoncé and of course Katy Perry) is there anything Mr Shock Value wouldn’t do? Before thinking for a moment, he soon came up with an response. “The only thing I won’t go into is… opera!!!”

Stay locked to RWDmag.com on more on the MINI Countryman, Timbaland and Michelle Branch collaboration. In the meantime check out minispace.com/mini-countryman-events.


i like him as a producer, but he didn't create dubstep at all, and anyone who told him he did is a fat mess of back-spackle.

dub bass? what a tit.


It don't mean shit
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Lmfao what a stupid cunt. I've never liked this guy.
you may not like him, and this may well have been a very stupid comment - but u gotta respect the fact that he's been in the industry making tracks since like 1993 and almost everything he's done has gone to number 1 (especially true more recently) - i agree most of the stuff he makes isn't all that good, but there must be a shitload of people who like it.


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No, because they don't exist. Making a track with bass does not constitute dubstep as he'll so sorely figure out when the dubstep community confronts him on his bullshit.