Label TILT010 vinyl: Budoka / Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots

The next Tilt-Recordings vinyl release is here, as the prophecy has foretold:

Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots - "System32"
Budoka - "Damage Trust Inc"


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label: Tilt-Recordings - technical inspired limited trust.
format: 12" vinyl, 45 rpm
catalog number: TILT010
info side [A]: Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots - "System32"
logo side : Budoka - "Damage Trust Inc"
mastering: Beau (Beau Thomas @ Masterpiece)
pressing: Randmuzik
distribution: S.T. Holdings LTD
info/contact: /

After 5 years of label work, Tilt-Recordings reaches its 10th vinyl release.
As most of you know, times are getting harder for the vinyl industry, and the
small labels in the niche of technoid Drum & Bass are not exactly the winners.
So, more and more tunes will never see a vinyl release, and in order to make
them available to the supporters who play tunes from CD/laptop/iPod/etc, the
digital-only sublabel/series T-Files has been started in April 2008 and is back
since January 2009 with many releases to come. Also, Kaiza has started his own
digital-only imprint "T3K" for a similar sound, focussing mainly on Techno-DNB.
However, regardless of changing music markets, vinyl is still seen as the major
medium in the Drum & Bass circuit and it is still the main love of many DJs -
including DJ Hektik of the Tilt-Recordings crew (the guy who runs the label).
Therefore TILT010 will not have been the last vinyl release from this camp.

Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots - "System32"
In the past six months, Bad Boy Kaiza and the Palatinians have joined forces
for a fruitful series of more than 20 collaboration tunes. Isotop and Kaiza even
started playing out together as a team of new school digital performers. Here,
they went into the studio with insane genius Shots for the hefty waltz "System32",
some serious, merciless hard Schranz'n'Bass almost as radical as it can get:
The tune has a pattern-based structure of minimal change; it is practically broken
down to the plain loops except for the mini-breaks and the subtle deconstruction
of the 16-bars-scheme by means of shifting the length of patterns and mini-breaks.
Even in this reduced structure there is a build-up, and with all its interwoven
counterdynamic call-and-response arrangements between all elements, the tune is
mad catchy and invites you to be flexed by its depth while it pounds heavily.
A tune to love and hate, this one is sure to mash up dancefloors and minds alike.

Budoka - "Damage Trust Inc"
From deep down in the underground Budoka appears at the surface of the scene
yet again with a solid Neurofunk workout in his own personal sound and style.
"Damage Trust Inc" easily stands the dancefloor test and international competition
with its powerful sub bassline and phat beat, rolling and pleasing to the ear.
And while the tune has a strong sound, there is a lot of open space in for the
smooth midranges which also sets a new benchmark in Budoka's production history.
The melodic hook makes the tune digestible even for female creatures of the night.
With his new studio and a handful of almost finished new tunes in the backhand,
Budoka is set to rock 2009. More material from him is sure to come, watch out!