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    Tilt-Recordings will release only Clownstep and Rock'n'Roll from now on.

    Seriously though: after some relative silence since the release of the first 15 T-Files tunes and TILT009, Tilt-Recordings (and T-Files) is "back" with more content in the pipeline.

    T-File 013 (digital-only) by latvian newcomer Plater is already available since the end of January, T-FILE014 by world famous superstars Isotop + Kaiza has been released just yesterday and the next weeks/months will see many more releases. Also, the musical range of the T-Files series will stretch a little bit as there are a few melodic rollers on the schedule aside from more strictly technoid bangers.

    Also, the tenth vinyl release on Tilt-Recordings is in the making. Testpressings of TILT010 have arrived at the main skyscraper in the Tilt-Recoprdings empire estate two weeks ago (and the mastering is just as it should be) and full artwork copies are in the making right now, so the vinyl release should arrive in record shops in March.
    Of course, the tunes of TILT010 will also be available in digital shops like Beatport, Digital Tunes, Juno etc - just a few (maybe 3) weeks after the vinyl release, so the vinyl supporters get them a little faster. But anyway the tunes are kept locked and 100% secret until shortly before the release date, as usual. They are not rinsed to death on parties, radio shows and tapepacks by some dubplate elite, so they will still be fresh when they come into the shops!

    The Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast series will soon see its next installment, too, introducing T3K... And more material is coming of T-FREE as well.

    Many coming-soons, as there are indeed many tunes on their way...

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    and if you have not done it yet, check the former releases...

    T-FILE-EP002: Structural + Stereotype - "Xanax" / "Ultimate Technology"
    T-FILE-EP001: Sunchase - "Im Not Dead" / "Xirod"
    T-FILE014: Isotop + Kaiza - "Sherpa"
    T-FILE013: Plater - "Gluebomb"
    T-FILE012: Sinecore feat. Peter Kurten - "Vendetta"
    T-FILE011: Kriotek - "BoRRhot"
    T-FILE010: Asphexia - "Shifted Impact"
    T-FILE009: Tamas - "Last Chance"
    T-FILE008: Walder - "Gorale"
    T-FILE007: kr4y - "Depurify"
    T-FILE006: Matt Domino ft. The Razor Choir - "False Sense Of Security"
    T-FILE005: Redco - "C-Clone"
    T-FILE004: Isotop + Shots - "Dioxin"
    T-FILE003: Kaiza feat. amex + D-Struct - "Meriva (Vivian)"
    T-FILE002: Pyro + Mundane - "FFWD"
    T-FILE001: Spinor - "Deadlift"

    TILT009: Isotop + Shots feat. The Phalanx - "Assembler" / Budoka - "Aether"
    TILT008: Spinor - "Moloch" / Budoka - "Ritual"
    TILT007: Johannes Ahlberg - "Pitch The Nature" (Amex + Kaiza RMX) / Amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Quadrant RMX)
    TILT006: amex + Kaiza - "Steam" / Budoka - "Pleasure Ride"
    TILT005: Pyro + Jesta - "Vision" 2006 / Budoka - "The Happening"
    TILT004: amex + Kaiza - "Sourcream" / Budoka - "Whiplash" RMX
    TILT003: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" / "Next Level Nature"
    TILT002: Budoka - "Schattenkrieger" / "Downwards"
    T!LT#001: Budoka - "Mindwalker" / "Phenomenia"

    they are all available as wav + mp3 and partly on vinyl.
    shop links see -->

    Label Homepage: