Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast 2: Isotop + Kaiza -T3K Promo-Mix


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany

The second Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast comes from Isotop + Kaiza.

The two artists/performers have started their first collaboration tune in August 2008, and since then they have completed more than 20 tunes together and also formed a team for live-performing / digital deejaying by means of using Ableton live together on different controlling devices.

Here they showcase a bunch of their productions from 2008 including some of the tunes scheduled for Kaiza's new digital-only label "T3K" which will be launched with its first release very soon...
It will be another label for technoid Drum & Bass maintained by the Trio-Music crew located in Mannheim (Germany). Its releases will range from minimal and deep to harder sounds, combining different kinds of subgenres. It is not as much a sub label of Tilt-Recordings as T-Files, but still affiliated - basically a project from the same family in the same network.
Togetherness and synergetic cooperation being his general vision, spirit and usually the background foundation of his projects (by choice), Bad Boy Kaiza, who is (besides producing tunes and digital deejaying/performing) also involved in other network based projects such as the vinyl + digital label Tilt-Recordings (together with his crew mate DJ Hektik and the much underrated Budoka) and the weekly radio show DMF, functions as the boss and "A&R" of T3K while basic label-consulting and -engineering is provided by DJ Hektik and the logo and artwork preset have been contributed by Shots.

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01... Isotop -Mininmalism [T3K DUB]
02... Isotop + Kaiza -Blog Six [T-FREE054]

03... Isotop -Tempel [T-FREE-3EP028]
04... Isotop -Junkyard [T-FREE-3EP028]
**... Isotop -Tracking [Free Tune]
05... Isotop -Tomb [T-FREE-3EP028]
06... Isotop + Kaiza -Transistor [DUB]
07... Spinor -Moloch (Isotop RMX) [DUB]

08... Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots -Hybrid [DUB]
**... Kaiza feat. Isotop + Shots -Fluid [DUB]
09... Kaiza -Fatalist [DUB]
**... Kaiza -Fatalist VIP [DUB]

10... Isotop + Kaiza -Sherpa [DUB]
11... Kaiza feat. Isotop + Shots -Tsar [DUB]
**... Isotop + Shots + Kaiza -Frik [DUB]
12... Kaiza -Assat [DUB]

13... Shots -Synthetic [T3K DUB]
**... Shots -Conduction [T3K DUB]
14... Isotop + Shots + Kaiza feat. The Icon -Mesoterik [T3K DUB]
15... Shots -Klip [T3K DUB]

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