Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast 1: The Phalanx -Liveact Showcase


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany

The Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast series starts with a liveact showcase by the Phalanx.
This young newcomer recently appeared on the Drum & Bass scene for the first time with the vinyl release of TILT009 (including "Assembler" by Isotop + Shots feat. The Phalanx); now he enters the world of digital deejaying with his liveact performance, using Ableton Live and analog gear.

When performing, The Phalanx uses exclusive tunes from his crew mates and other producers as well as tunes from labels like Tilt-Recordings, T-Files and T-FREE. The most interesting ingredient to his liveact, however, are his ableton-based semi-tunes which he arranges live in real-time, forming "tunes" which do not exist outside of his liveact. Also, he manipulates regular tunes by chopping them up, adding loops and samples, layering and building breaks, creating moments of surprise even for people who know the tunes.
In short: He actually makes use of the potential of Ableton Live rather than just pressing the "play" button.


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Direct download (192 kbps mp3 and cover):

01... The Phalanx -Hard Hooks [live/Dub]
02... The Phalanx -Faith [live/Dub]
03... The Phalanx -The Sick Horst [live/Dub]
04... Stereotype -Ultimate Technology [T-FILE-EP002]
**... The Phalanx -The Sick Horst [live/Dub]
05... Amex + Kaiza -Shrinz (The Phalanx RMX) [live/Dub]
06... The Phalanx -Unbelieve [live/Dub]
07... Isotop + Kaiza -Dr. Fibonatchi [Dub]
08... The Phalanx -Diff Loo [live/Dub]
09... The Phalanx + Shots -Opdru [live/Dub]
10... The Phalanx -Solid State [live/Dub]
11... Amex + Kaiza -Sourcream (Spinor RMX) unfinished [Dub]
12... Isotop + Kaiza -Headroom [BTAN005]
13... Ruffen + Dissident -The Chip (Isotop + Kaiza RMX) [Dub]
14... Kaiza feat. amex -Meriva (Vivian) [T-FILE004]
15... The Phalanx -Second Step [live/Dub]
**... Flame -Toys On The Moon [T-FREE007]
16... Phony -Gravity [T-FREE038]
17... The Phalanx -Stampfmusik [live/Dub]
18... Isotop + The Phalanx -untitled [Dub]
19... Tamas + Violent Skillz -Internal Fear [T-FREE024]
20... Isotop -Mininmalism [T3K Dub]
**... The Phalanx -Soundscape [live/Dub]
21... Isotop + Shots -untitled [Dub]
22... Zardonic -Acid Industries [T-FREE-3EP024]
23... Isotop + Shots + The Phalanx -Assembler [TILT009]
24... Shots -Conduction [T3K Dub]
25... The Phalanx + Shots -Connect [live/Dub] [Dub]
**... amex + Kaiza -Shrinz (Johannes Ahlberg RMX 2) [T-FREE-3EP017]
26... Isotop -Switching Capacity [Dub]
27... Isotop + Shots -Burning Identity (Stereotype RMX) [Dub]
28... Amex + Kaiza -Sourcream (Tamas RMX) [Dub]
29... Amex + Kaiza -Jin Beam [Dub]
30... The Phalanx -Mod Depth [live/Dub]
31... Spinor -Moloch [TILT008]
**... amex + Kaiza -Shrinz [TILT003]
32... Sunchase -Im Not Dead [T-FILE-EP001]
33... Amex + Sniper -Electrohorse (Isotop RMX) [Dub]
34... The Phalanx -Faithful [live/Dub]

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