Tilt-Recordings label news: vinyl, mp3, future, releases...

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Hi everybody!

Thanks to all of you who have supported Tilt-Recordings over the past 4 years!
Now, there are some news, and changes taking place in the label's structure.

First of all, I have decided to come up with an attempt to counter some well known problems about labels that have been discussed a lot lately:

1. No more "forthcoming" information & audio
In order to avoid people having to wait many months for scheduled tunes to be released, I will not anymore give out clips or information on the planned Tilt-Recordings releases before they actually come into the shops (as seen with TILT008), especially on the internet. From now on, the only way to hear the forthcoming tunes will be booking DJ Hektik and Bad Boy Kaiza, coming to our own events in Mannheim or getting testpressings directly from us.

2. No more dubplates
Due to the leaking problem, I will not anymore give out mp3 of forthcoming tunes to anyone. Please don't bother asking, you will get "no" regardless of your position. Not meaning to be disrespectful, but I need to be consequent in order to make it work! So I will give out tunes only in the form of vinyl testpressings, around month before the release. Also, if you want a tune to be released on Tilt-Recordings, you better NOT send it to shitloads of "buddys" because then it has NOI CHANCE AT ALL for a signing. If I want to run a safe label, then there is no place for unsafe artists, simply.

Of course I am afraid that this will make the label look less cool in the scene because there will be no more l33t Tilt dubplates to be snatched. With the dubplate culture in the Drum & Bass scene, i guess a lot of people will think this is bullshit, and that tunes must be sent out, especially to them... In short: I expect people to mis-interpret this as an offense. But I think that is worth it for keeping the vinyl alive. After all, the DJs who buy vinyl make vinyl labels possible, and not the mp3-dubplate hunters who mostly don't even have turntables... So I hope you all can understand that i have a reason for my decision, and i guess it is clear for who I am doing all this in first place: DJs like myself, who do of course play unreleased tunes from CD but still prefer the sexy taste and smell of vinyl, and the better sound of a proper vinyl mastering!

But the text goes on...

- No more whitelabel promos in the shops
As already seen with TILT008, the Tilt-Recordings vinyl releases will no longer have whitelabel promo runs (like all labels distributed by ST Holdings afaik). Instead, the records come into the shops directly with artwork, so that the tunes are available as full release for everybody at the same time, thus (hopefully) still be fresh and interesting. However, I will press a small ammount of testpresses and spread them personally some weeks before the official release.

- Digital availability of vinyl releases
The tunes of the vinyl releases on Tilt-Recordings will still be available digitally (as 320 kbps mp3, wav etc), but some weeks (not too long though) after the vinyl - so vinyl buyers have a little advantage. If you want to play our tunes from CD/mp3 in good quality, then you will have to wait a few weeks: as far as Tilt-Recordings is concerned, "Vinyls are the new dubplates".
At least the Tilt-Recordings releases will not be completely rinsed to death when they come into the digital stores, like on most many other labels...

- Digital-only-releases
Eventually, in addition to the traditional vinyl + digital releases, there will soon be digital-only releases on Tilt-Recordings. Precisely: a new sublabel / series named "T-Files". T-FILE001 will be released in two weeks.

- Artists
As already indicated on the info texts of TILT008 and T-FREE031, Amex has 'left' his friends, crew and label in a rather unfriendly way. So, no more Amex + Kaiza collabos will be released on Tilt-Recordings. Instead, there will be more tunes by guest artists in the future. TILT008 already saw the Tilt debut of Spinor, and more new names are planned. Also, of course there will be more tunes by Budoka, and probably Kaiza solo tunes at some point.

- Cancelled tunes
For TILT009 "Predata" by Cooh was scheduled, a Detroit-ish Techno-DNB tune.
It can be heard in DJ Hektik's recent "Tilt-Recordings Promo-Mix 02" on
But Cooh 'took back' his word and broke our verbal contract, so there will be no release for that one.
For the flipside "In" by Histibe was planned, but it also won't come out because of (friendly) mixdown discussions.
Regardless, TILT009 will come out in 2-3 months, featuring fresh and bouncing tunes nonetheless.


Now I hope all this blabla was not only boring but also interesting ;)
Keep the brain and good sound alive!
Greetz from Mannheim...
DJ Hektik