TIHKAL (trance i have known and loved) [yeah, a trance mix on a dnb forum]

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    i started out mixing dnb vinyls back in 2002 but i haven't made a mix of any kind in years. i've been focusing entirely on production for years now but made a mix at my friend's request for her b-day. i got a lot of good feedback from it and thought i'd post it here just for anyone's listening pleasure. i've been a junglist since way back in the day and i'm a regular poster in the production subforum so i figured i wouldn't catch too much flack for posting a trance mix on a dnb site lol. anyway here's the youtube link, there's a link in the description to download the mp3 for anyone who wants it. the title is in memory of Sasha Shulgin.

    enjoy :)

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