Thwapr Endless Possibilities


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Oct 5, 2010
Vancouver, BC Canadas
Thwapr Endless Possibilities

There are many great technology deals floating around in that particular sector, but the one company that has really caught our attention is creating a whole new sector of it’s own. The company is called Thwapr. They are in the business of Mobile Video Sharing, or as “share to phone”. Now that means, recording, sending, watching videos on your mobile phone just got made a whole lot easier. Now that sounds really great in all, but we have still yet to mention the best part about Thwapr’s technology. Their video sharing platform is completely compatible with both Facebook and Twitter and even better yet, there videos are delivered for viewing on mobile phones through an SMS text message. Yes, that’s right, you send the video via SMS text message and when your receiving party opens the text message they can instantly watch the video.

Thwapr is a 100% free application for reliably sharing videos and photos to mobile phones and social networks. All you need is text messaging and a mobile browser. Thwapr works on over 200 phones across all major carriers in the U.S. and Canada. Try it now and start Thwapping. The number of mobile video/TV users globally will jump from 250 million in 2010 to over 450 million users in 2014. Whether it’s personal or business use, the possibilities of this technology are endless.

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