Thunderdome 2009 Fight Night - 2CD


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CD2 – Industrial – The Outside Agency vs. Mindustries:
1. The Immobilizers – Intro: Thunderdome
2. The Outside Agency vs. Mindustries – The immobilizer (V.I.P. mix)
3. The Outside Agency – The storyteller
4. Mindustries – Choke
5. The Outside Agency vs. Mindustries – Carnage in C-minor
6. Stormtrooper – Fear F.M.
7. The Immobilizers – Life & death
8. Mindustries – Endurance
9. The Outside Agency – The machinery of death (Part 1)
(Incl.: The Outside Agency – The machinery of death (Part 2))
10. Forsaken Is Dead vs. Unnatural Selection – The unconquerable man (The Outside Agency remix)
11. The Outside Agency – Stranger’s call
12. S.P.L. – Lost frequency (The Outside Agency remix)
13. The Outside Agency – Dirty (Mindustries remix)
14. DJ Ruffneck vs. Ophidian – Noisemaker (DJ Ruffneck vs. Ophidian’s V.I.P. mix)
15. Mindustries – Revelation
16. The Producer – Centrifuge (Remix)
17. The Outside Agency – Suffocate
18. Wedlock vs. Comababy – Void sector (The Outside Agency’s V.I.P. mix) (The Producer remix)
19. The Outside Agency – Surreal
20. Limewax – Kristall weizen
21. The Outside Agency – Chaos theory
22. The Producer vs. Deathmachine – Pixelshifter
23. Masters Of Ceremony – Hardcore to the bone 2009
24. The Outside Agency vs. Cooh – Soulkeepers
25. Counterstrike vs. Cooh – Computer control
26. The Outside Agency – Earth cry
27. Donny – Search & destroy (Lucio De Rimanez remix)
28. Seizure – Rocket fuel
29. The Outside Agency – Edited for content
30. The Immobilizers – Outro: The unstoppable
i know no one realy cares about this kind of drum and bass on these kind of sites but i feel i had express my views on this cd
i think its fucking amazing some best underground hardcore drum and bass around atm on this cd i am sure its gonna be a massive cd
with the underground heads

fave track of the cd has to be
The Producer vs. Deathmachine – Pixelshifter
were u can listen to here
Industrial mixed with drum and bass just prefect:not_worth
those two tunes on the audio clip are immense been lookin for more stuff like this. Just blasted it outta my speakers lol don't think my neighbours are too pleased!