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Apr 16, 2008
West Laandon/West Country
i love all subgenres of dnb eg jump up etc but liquid is my favourite, id thought id liquidise tis thread and let the great people of dnbforum discuss their favourite liquid artisits/producers/dj's/DD's/tracks/years etc

feel free to disagree and discuss why you love other sub genres of dnb

im guna start by saying..:
artist - Brookes Brothers
producer - apex/high contrast
dj - high contrast/BB/
DD- Follow the Light With Dawn Treader
year - 2008
Track - the blatent tear you down/ask no vip/ dawn treader/sace between

hopefully this thread includes some good opinions and discussions!


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Mar 24, 2009
Brandon, Florida
I agree, gotta love variety in music, whether types of music, or sub-genre's of the type' for liquid, right now here's short list of what I'm feelin', track wise, etc...

from this year and last, quick list.eps,or singles from eps/lps...

"A Quick Thought/Dancing With The Devil" - Random Movement (2009)
"Vale Of Tears" - Lenzman (2009)
"Diggin' Deepa/Sensation" - Human Factor (2009)
"Strange Moments" - Subside & L Side (2009)
"Why Would You (Original Mix)" - Zero T (2008)
"Tender Doubt" - Spectrasoul (2008)
"Despite Everything/Dreamin' Of Dub" - Kubiks & Lomax (2008)
"All 4 Me (ft.Tenchu)" - Greeley & Camo (2008)
"Tear You Down/Drifter" - Brookes Brothers (2008)

There's def more, just didn't want to get carried away with a long list...
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