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Jint Mulep

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Sep 14, 2016
...something with my life and join this forum. Been lurking for days (spread unevenly over the course of a few years).

In case it's customary (it isn't), I tried a pre-forum-registration hand at basic DnB (or whatever the culturally sensitive term for it is) as a starting point for what I hope will turn into an education here. It's self-explanatory (if you even get as far as reading the title, let alone listening to it). Rip it apart in several coherent ways if you have the time+interest; praise it to any extent if you're good and inebriated, as I have no idea what the rules are for dignified DnB and have no business pretending otherwise. I want to learn all that I can about this genre (I see DnB production processes as swinging at fast balls for audio engineers: if you can mash a bunch of sounds together to a menacing tempo and make everything appealing, I'd argue that you're well-prepared for most everything else [#oversimplificationwednesdays]).
Don't Ignore
I value to this day a lot of the bits of information I've gathered from members within these forums, all of which I've been applying to non-DnB aspirations. As a collective, this is a marvelous resource for expertise—from obscure, subtly brilliant engineering tricks and sound-design case studies to general arrangement philosophy. I do like this place. That said, I'm frightened by the reputation of this culture; most connoisseurs seem impossible to please. Though I suppose that's more connoisseurship than DnB.

Anyway, my name is Jint Mulep. I'll start posting to compensate for this unnecessary introduction engaged with by probably .3 people a day for two days until it's on page 17 of this board.
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