Those Sexy Shuffles (Emperor and Spor)

Hey all,

I've been trying to get my shuffles sweeter...Emperor and Spor, their shuffles just sound

Emperor's most recent tune (Passed Up)... at 1:54, on repeat at the first part of the bars.

And Spor, Some Other Funk (not quite as sexy as Emperor's):

And no, this thread isn't meant to be homo-erotic. Or is it bass-erotic? Whatever it is- how do you all do your shuffles? just samples? Manually chop them in?

So far, I've been using a weak sample pack for them and they lack the tightness of the tracks above (specifically Emperor's new tune).
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Yeah, shuffles are most of the time samples. If you think about it technically, they are created (in the case of a snare for example) when short groups of 16th's are played between the main, full velocity hits. The thing that gives it the "groove" is that the 16th's alternate in velocity, and therefore volume, tone and length. You can create shuffle's yourself but its not very easy, and for it to sound 'natural' you pretty much have to use multi-velocity sample instruments, where each level of key velocity uses a similar but different snare sample. You would then have to program them in with midi.
The more simple way of doing this is by just using samples of breaks or whatever, and chopping out the shuffles already there, give them a clean up if they need it, make them sound good.

Also, moving the samples or midi off the grid wont really make a positive difference if the shuffle. I'm pretty certain the some other funk shuffle is right on the grid. Its all in the sound.

This video is very relevant

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I haven't done this in a while but I used to use a pitched up kick layered with a snare. Both sent to a bus. A very short reverb added with some of the highs lowered on the verb. A transient shaper with the attack raised a tad and set between 20 - 60 ms. The release is used to modify the tail of the reverb.

Then I'd add some saturation. The saturation on Softube's Focusing EQ is really nice. The filter on it sounds really good too.