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DJ Revere presents Sub-Bass

Every Thursday @ 10pm-12(midnight) (GMT)


Bringing you the freshest Drum and Bass cuts, Old and New with a love of all genres being included in the show - Liquid - Tech - Atmospheric - Jump Up

With labels such as MetalHeadz, Full Cycle, Ram, V-Recordings, Covert Operations, Aphrodite, Piranaha, Moving Shadow, BreakBeat Kaos, C.I.A, Prototype, D-Style, Soul-R, Signature, Ganja plus many white and blacks being featured !!!!!

Artists featured will range through many but too name a few - Klute, Roni Size, Andy C, Adam F, ASC, Probe One, EZ-Rollers, Pendulum, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, High Contrast, Zinc, Hype, Krust, Die, Wizard !!!

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Only good feedback ever received about the show

Peace All