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In Tuesday 16th December...

Technique - Drumsound&Bassline Smith - Can You Feel It/ Live Another Day

Grid Recordings UK - Serum - Concrete Donkey/ Urban Gorilla

Med School - Trisector - Morning Rain/ Structured Light

Def Ltd - Stu C4C/ Loxy & Perpetuum - Oblivious/ The League

Worldwide Audio Recordings - Tantrum Desire - Crazy Talk/ Strength

Timeless Recordings - Cabbie & Probe - Commando/ Blue Thunder

Nu Direction - Notion - Don't Leave/ Lies Makes Love Stronger

White - Unknown - Hit the Road/ Kissed A Girl (DnB Bootlegs)

Anticlone Recordings - Tester - Think Before You Talk/ Blaze It Up/ Special Request (STIVS Rmx)

Hardline Rekx - Paul Blackout - Simulated Demons/ Phycic Experiment Rmx

Foundation Music - Soulpride - Brainsmasher (VIP Mix)/ Mysterious & Dangerous

Close2Death Records - Future Signal - Kill Switch/ Existance

Charge Recordings - Mampi Swift - I Am Legend/ Fnk Doctor

Co-Lab Recordings - DJ Pleasure - Frost Bite/ Midnight Express

Good Looking Records - Funktastics/ Peyo - Wild Willy/ Old Times

Music Hertz - P.A - Para People/ Murky Water

Promo Audio - High Roller - Da Muny Man/ Dirty Skankin

Planet Funk - Wayz ft MC Darrison - Music In My Mind (Vocal + Instrumental)

Spearhead Records - Redeyes ft Deeizm - Luv & Haight (Matrix Rmx)/ Cruise Ship to the Stars (DJ Samurai Rmx)

Viper VIP - DJ Samurai - Outsider/ Stairway

In Wednesday 17th December...

Outsider Music - Martsman/Disharmonic - Klikoucha/ Anti Anthem

Position Chrome - Dylan - Crimson/ Dark Planet (Donny Rmx)

Machine Funk - Q Project - Holywar/ 24/7

Scientific Wax - V/A - The Alliance of Science Volume 1 CD
Ft Nolige/ DubOne Etc...

Maztek SubCulture - Maztek - Electric Rain (N. Phect Remix)/ Karma

Prospect Records - Counterstrike - Rise/ Meltdown


Hospital Records - Mistabishi - Greed/ Lean
IMPORTANT NEWS JUST IN! This Release May NEVER be getting a release - I have more White Label Copies available with a further 5 copies in on Tuesday - Once they're Gone - They're GONE!!!

Metro Vs Viper Recordings - Matrix Vs Futurebound - Shanghai Surprise/Reflection

Formation Records - Nero/Medicine & Implex - Energy (Rmx)/ Closer to the Stars (DJ SS Rmx)

Sudden Def - Boneshaker - Watch the Skies (Heist Rmx)/ Ruthless (DJ Samurai Rmx)

Phuzion Records - Pappa G/ Dj Origin - She Knew/ Breakin Heartz

Nemesis Recordings - S.I.N & Muffler - Bully/ Streetfighter

On Wax Recordings - Stakka - Life Moves Pretty Fast/ Soul Heaven

Diverse Products - Kubiks - Bitstream/ Decimator

White - MIA - Paper Planes/ Unstoppable (Bootlegs)

Assimilate Recordings - Hedj/PNS & N5 - Freedom & Fear/ Execution

Future Sickness Recordings - V/A - The Way of the Future EP

Skynet Recordings - Skynet - Sentient LP - Pt 3 - Serpent/ New Order

Skynet Recordings - Skynet - Sentient LP Pt 4 - Missing Soul/ Geometrix

Cyanide Recordings - Malsim/Paperclip - Destiny/ Nemesida

White - MJ Cole/ Bjork - Sincere/ Machines (Bootlegs)

Advanced Recordings - C.A.B.L.E - Alternative/ Significant Other

Chronic - V/A - Big, Bad & Heavy EP 3
A-Firefox(Roni Size)& D Product – Kops & Robbers
B-Darkotic & Interface – Typhoon
C-Jayline – Far Cry
D-Crytical Dub - Silence

Dreadnought - High Roller - Untouched/ Oblivion

Prestige Music - Mikal - You're The One/ Make It Now

Ganja Records -CrystalClear Vs Cabbie - Street Hawk/ Cold Blooded

Skimrok - Jammo - Usual Alternative/ Troubel Maker

Spectrum - J Majik & Wickaman - Love is Not A Game/ Share the Blame

Congo Natty (Zion) - Rebel MC - Lion Did Crown (99 Mix)/ Boom Bye Bye

Congo Natty (Zion) - Rebel MC - Junglist Soldier/ Fever (98 Remix)

C.I.A Deep Kutz - Spirit - Connected/ Fantasy

Samurai Music - State of Mind & Trei/ The Upbeats - True Stories (The Upbeats Rmx)/ The Weka

Violence Recordings - Total Science/ Digital - S.O.S/ B.U.R.N.Y

Contaminated - Allied - Age of Panic/ Panophobia

East Side - A-Sides/ A-Sides Ft. J Sawka - Heavyweight/ Incheon

Coded Recordings - Phobia & Jubei - Guillotine/ Guillotine (Breakage’s Joseph Igance Remix)

T D Productions - Temper D & Cooh - Chessboxer/ Adons

Influenza Media - Mutt/ Will Miles - Redness/ 1 Week Later

Phunk Fiction - Specific - Tell Me (Zero T Rmx/ Orig)

D-Style - TC & SubFocus/ TC - Borrowed Time (VIP)/ Porn Star

V2E - Vital Elements - Line Dance/ Magic Numbers

Sighco Recordings - Muffler - Unreal/ Control Check

Rock Steady - Channel 2 - Don't Worry/ Youth Today

Radius - DJ Pleasure - Flesh Eaters/ The Dagger

Nu Urban France - DJ T-Rex - Backlash/ Darkula

NAM - Nicol & Majistrate - Villainz/ The Master

Easy Sativa - Mickey Finn & Erb n Dub Vs DBO General - Jungle Story (Mix 1/ Mix 2)

Cymbalism Ltd - Raiden/ The Passive Resistance - Another Dead Hero/ Stuck (Uman Rmx)

Benefit Recordings - Social Security - Captains Log/ Love Bug

Benefit Recordings - Social Security - Green Cross Code (Bungle Rmx) / Cyclops

Aphrodite - Aphrodite - Booya (Modified Motion Rmx/ Original)

Westbay International - Loxy & Matt U/ Matt U - Jamanji/ The Charger

Maximum Boost - Swan-E & Picto - Paralysis & Analysis/ Give Me More

Aesthetics Recordings - Corrupt Souls/ Equivalent - Torque/ Z Point

Commercial Suicide - Klute - Ashram/ Trust Me

Brigand Music - D Kay & Mat - Be Free/ The Sweat

Soul:R - V/A - DAT Music 2 EP1
a Commix - Underwater Scene
b Calibre - Can’t Get Over You
c S.P.Y. & Kiat - Close Encounters
d Lynx & Hell Razor - Shady Pastimes

Soul:R - V/A - DAT Music 2 EP2
a Zero T & Mosus - Monarch
b Commix - Life We Live
c Spy - Monochrome
d Lomax – Resist

Warm Communications - Polar - In The End EP
a Polar - I Don’t Remember
b Polar - Uneven
b2 Polar - Stepping Out
c Polar - Nothing Personal
d Polar - Another Time
d2 Polar - End Of The Story

Disturbed Recordings - Axiom - Fallout/ Nightwatch

Crossfire Recordings - Crossfire - Skywarp Remastered/ Hyperion


Not the Preacher Man
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what's your trauma man :(

oh. i only got about 3 tunes earlier. first i've bought in ages. got a nice naughty little new though :D


Circles are Pointless
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Chronic - V/A - Big, Bad & Heavy EP 3
A-Firefox(Roni Size)& D Product – Kops & Robbers
B-Darkotic & Interface – Typhoon
C-Jayline – Far Cry
D-Crytical Dub - Silence

Dreadnought - High Roller - Untouched/ Oblivion

Got these two the other day, Proper loving 'Kops and Robbers'


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Chronic - V/A - Big, Bad & Heavy EP 3
A-Firefox(Roni Size)& D Product – Kops & Robbers
B-Darkotic & Interface – Typhoon
C-Jayline – Far Cry
D-Crytical Dub - Silence

Dreadnought - High Roller - Untouched/ Oblivion

Got these two the other day, Proper loving 'Kops and Robbers'
Typhoon is the tune, fucking sick. Can't splash out on the whole EP though, not worthit imo.


Bom Bom Cloud
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I bought the Mistabishi promo from the hospital shop in September! Did I catch a super-early release or something? I was wondering why its had so little mention.

second opinion

bacon sarnies hmmmm
apparently greed is never coming out so the hospital promos are gonna be quite rare

all about the good looking thing by peyo (old times) lovely tune kills a rig as well


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Ooooh I see, the single's not getting a release because greed will just be on the Drop LP (the album sounds amazing btw). Lean however won't be on the LP so I guess the promo's a rare piece of vinyl!
Listen to some of the songs of that album :O

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STOP PRESS!!!! Nu-urban promos for next week will be available as below!!!!!

In Thursday 18th December!...(SHIPPING Sat 20th Dec for Monday Delivery)

Advisory Records - Sappo/ Iron Hands - Self Destruct (Cabbie Rmx)/ Call In Sick

Black Sun Empire Records - BSE & State of Mind - Sandbag/ Animal

C.I.A Ltd - Beta 2 & Zero T/ Total Science - Bizzy Time (Break Rmx)/ Never Had a Dream (Furney Rmx)

G13 - BLT & Propo G/ Butcher & Hoax - Death Rattle/ Silent Strike

Intrinsic Recordings - Notion - You're Always Around/ Only You

Invaderz Tranmissions - Jubei & Tyrone/ Phobia, Jubei + Sato - Tremor/ Overload

Jacked005 - Unknown Artist - The Hand That Feeds/ The Ghost

Mac II Recordings - Loxy, Gremlinz, Matt U, Munk & Spinline/ The Insiders & Soul Intent -
The Justice League/ 128 Miles

Mechanical Audio - Callide + Camo - Mash Dem Down/ 9000 Series

SECRETSERVICE001 - Goldstar - Hustlin'/ What U Gonna Do

Sonorous - Bungle - Close Your Eyes/ Unknown