This Weeks Promos Are:


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Mar 13, 2003
Abingdon, London, Bologna
Right, this week we have got a excellent selection of promo's forthcoming so i'm sure come Thursday/Friday the vultures will be circling. Christmas has come early!! :rinsed:

Adam F/ Fresh- Original Jungle Sound EP - Breakbeat Kaos
1) Original Jungle Sound (Switch Version)
2) Bluenote Version
3) Rock Demon
4) Foreigner

Alloy- Dust/Ghost - Frequency

Amit - Dual Sense/Roots - Commercial Suicide

Bad Company - Bullet Time/Womb - Bad Company :slayer:

Basic Unit - Heavy Roller/Everything - Frontline

Decoder & Substance - Breakbeat Culture
1) Bully
2) Hi Tek
3) Key West
4) Let U Know

Drum Origins/J Laze - Hypercomplex/Zero - Fokus

Ez Rollers - Lickable Beats Part 2 - Intercom
1) Roadrunner (Remix)
2) High On You (Tommy Knocker)
3) Mad About The House (60 Minute Man & DJ Touch)
4) Change Is Coming (Tommy Knocker)

Falcon- The X/Unknown - Citrus

Militia - The Weight Gain EP - Cargo Industies :thumbup:
1) Weight Gain
2) Brainwash (Remix)
3) 1999
4) Trillseeker

Mist/ Nu Tone - Nu Wave/Vital Organ - Soul:R :love:

Mist vs Marky & XRS/Mistical - Back 2 Love/Mistical Dub pt 2 - Soul:R :love:

Teebee - Warehouse/Bounce - Photek Productions :teeth:


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Jun 15, 2003
I want:

Weight Gain E.P.
Foreigner(but not the rest of the pack but spose i'll have to buy em)
Bullit Time

The chances of me getting the last two mentioned = 0%
Chances of getting Weight Gain E.P. = 25%-50%

So its not really Christmas its torture cos now I have to wait 6 weeks+ to get em!!
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