This week's best buys?


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
I managed to pick up:

Total Science - Hot Spot [Timeless]
John B - Up All Night (Remix) [Metalheadz]

That is all so far, it is Friday now, so there might be a few more :D
This week, I mostly picked up:

Watershed EP - Pascal :D
What I Need - Sketch & Code Remix :slayer:
Sunrise - Surge :D
Sektor 3 :/

Oh yeah, I've had that new(!) Optimus Prime thing since February and it's just being promo'd is going on there??
This week I got:
'Up All Night remix' - John B (Metalheadz)
'Corporate Fire' - Baron (L-Plates)
'What You Sayin?' - Capone (Test)
This week I have been mostly eating:

Twisted Individual & APB - Hand grenade
Twisted Individual - Amen Slag
Special K - Tiger Bass
Beta 2 - Kysha
The Dragon - The Streets remix
Bassline Smith & Drumsound - Lazor Razor
Visionary - Dubwise
this week I shall be mostly caining :gun: :chainsaw:

1 of Total Science - Hot spot - Timeless promo
1 of Black Sun Empire - 1800 contacts EP - DSCI4 promo
1 of Dom & Roland - Back For The Future LP - Moving Shadow
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