This Week In Bass


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-Hi I just started posting on this forum, each week on monday I will be going through the weeks best new releases this will be show 003-
It's monday again!!! I have a sick show for you this week.

-The liquid just keeps flowing with a stunning EP from Cutworks and an interesting LP from Physics.

-Some heavy hitters on the next installment of Bad Taste I'll play tacks by Cabbie & Vegas and one from the Upbeats.

-Wobble T has a new ep out, kind of a minimal jumpup sound I'll play one of those tracks.

I didn't see any dub I liked this week but then again I'm not sure of all the hip places to go looking, I know a lot of you produce dub so send me your tracks!! I'll play them if they catch my ear. Likewise all you dnb producers out there. Hope to see everyone in the chat @!!!

3pm-5pm Denver, 5pm-7pm NYC, 10pm-12am UK