Jul 18, 2006

We are proud to present the This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 004 Featuring JADE!!!


Showcasing monthly Podcasts from the agencies extremely talented artists.


This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 004 - Featuring JADE.

Track List:

01. State Of Mind - Wake Up Call (SOM Music DUB)
02. Hive & Keaton - The Plague (Hive remix) (Renegade Hardware)
03. Break - Submerged VIP (Calyx & Teebee remix) (Subtitles DUB)
04. Jade - My World (Citrus DUB)
05. Dom & Roland - Take Them Down (Dom & Roland Productions)
06. NC-17 & KC - Dr. Butcher MD (DSCI4 DUB)
07. Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (The Upbeats remix) (Virus)
08. Redeyes - Cruiseship (Chris.SU remix) (Spearhead DUB)
09. Chris.SU - The Peak (Renegade Hardware DUB)
10. Misha - Bugs 2 (Full Force)
11. Axiom & Optiv - Borderline (Citrus DUB)
12. Mayhem & Phace - Lightyears Apart (SLR DUB)
13. C4C - Phatcap (Phace remix) (C4C DUB)
14. AK1200, Danny Breaks & Gridlok - Pornstar Feeder (P51)
15. Dom & Rymetyme - Iceberg (Moving Shadow)
>> Konflict - The Beconing (Renegade Hardware)
16. Icicle - Hang On (Shogun Audio)
17. Icicle feat. Nymfo - Adrift (Crunch)
18. Subwave - Think (Shogun Audio)
19. Cern - Voodoo Guru (Syndrome)
20. Commix - Talk To Frank (Break remix) (Metalheadz)
21. BSE feat SOM - Sandbag (BSE DUB)
22. C4C - Synergy (BSE remix) (C4C DUB)
23. C4C - Peepshow (Virus)
24. C4C - Dream Killer (C4C DUB)
25. The Upbeats & Noisia - Creep Out (Non Vogue)
26. Rymetyme & Trace - Move VIP (1210)
27. State Of Mind - Dirt (SOM Music DUB)

62mb | 160kb | 52 min 48 secs

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Jade update and Interview.

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Interview with Jade.

* not Jade in photo

Full Interview

Hi Jade, you’ve recently returned from a huge tour of New Zealand and Australia and Hong Kong with Chris.SU, your sets had been quoted as one of the best tours they’ve seen down under, how was the experience?

Jade :

It was my very first time leaving Europe, I’m happy I got so far finally.
It was a great experience, I love those countries, I think people are smiling more down there.
I’m lucky I was able to visit those cities, without this job I don’t think I would have gone so far.. .
The parties were off the hook – all of them were unbelievable, the crowd reaction was inspiring every time, they perfectly understood what we were doing.

What's the strangest / funniest thing that's happened to you on tour, world wide?

Jade :

In Wellington after the gig, completely wasted, we (Tiki, Stu & Pat (SOM), Chris, and me) were going back to the airport by a minibus.
The driver tried to make a conversation:
(driver) – What are you doing guys?
(pat) – We are musicians on tour.
(driver) – A band? That’s nice, what instruments do you play?
(stu) – I play the skin flute!
(driver) – Really? That sounds exciting! What kind of instrument is that?
(stu) – Mate, trust me – you would need to hear my soloooo

Which up and coming artists are you feeling lately?

Jade :

Misha - Bugs 2 is one of the best tunes I have heard this year.

What music apart from Drum & Bass do you listen to?

Jade :

I wouldn’t say apart, I don’t usually listen to dnb. I mean I do listen to a lot of dnb, generally tracks from my friends, the tracks I buy and play, but when it comes to actually listening, I rarely go for a dnb mix.
For me it’s party music, I still love to listen to loud dnb  And my musical taste is a puzzle anyway.
I listen to various performers from various styles.
Just to name a few favorites:
Crystal Method, Wax Tailor, Nine Inch Nails, Simon and Garfunkel, The Chemical Brothers, Hybrid, Trentemoller, The Beatles, RHCP, Justice, Metallica (Master and the Black are my favorites) etc….

Can you give us your current top 10 tracks?

Jade :

State Of Mind - Wake Up Call (SOM Music dub)
NC-17 & KC - Dr. Butcher MD (DSCI4 dub)
Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (The Upbeats remix) (Virus)
Redeyes - Cruiseship (Chris.SU remix) (Spearhead dub)
Chris.SU - The Peak (Renegade Hardware dub)
Axiom & Optiv - Borderline (Citrus dub)
Mayhem & Phace - Lightyears Apart (SLR dub)
C4C - Phatcap (Phace remix) (C4C dub)
BSE feat SOM - Sandbag (BSE dub)
C4C - Dream Killer (C4C dub)
+1 Jade - My World (Citrus dub)

We hear there’s a Jade Album forthcoming, what other Jade goodies (pardon the pun) can we look forward too?

Jade :

Most of my efforts are concentrated on the album task, but there will be various releases on other labels aswell and I’m also playing out a lot across Europe which is great.

And finally, hot chocolate or coffee?

Jade :

Both, but hot chocolate has to come with rum, and coffee with honey 

Thanks to Sable, Jade and Paul @ for hosting.

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