This Sunday 5th August,, ALL DAYER...!!!

Uncle Dugs

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This Sunday over at the Jamm in Brixton me and Billy Bunter bring our 2 radio shows vibes and listeners together as 1 to present the Run Come Follow Friday Meets Music Monday all dayer...

Gonna be a wicked day guaranteed, everything will be on point, music, booze, and more importantly vibes and laughter...!!

There is only 18 tickets left on the ticket sellers site now ( ) you can pay on the door but it will be a little bit more expensive so if you are planning on coming grab a ticket today or asap and save a few quid...

You can download mine and Billy Bunter's Summer All Dayer Warm Up Mix here to get you in the mood :

You can hear mine and Bunters radio advert here (complete pisstake advert as you would expect from 2 wallies like me and him) :

All details on the eflyer below including ticket agent details for london / surrounding counties in case you want to pay cash or deal with someone direct...

Hope to see you all over there :)