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Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by sonicjunglist, Apr 6, 2014.

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    People who say Grime is dead need to pull their head out their arse.

    Sure there isn't as much stuff going on in this scene concerning MC's compared to say 2007/8.. but as far as instrumental Grime is concerned. some of the BEST tunes are coming out right now. (in my opinion)

    Been following this little new wave grime thing for about a year now.. Really feeling it. Nights like BOXED pushing it swiftly forward.

    Some of it is a bit too "weird" for me though... especially the stuff Rabit, Logos and Paris are pushing.. but for the most part grime has never sounded so exciting. Almost reminds me of the FWD movement back in 2003.

    sounds like a boxing ring in space. lol
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