This is stoopid, but How to get the Swing Going


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I had some tough moments trying to piece together some jungle and drum n bass breaks,
and ive found a button in Reason 2.5 called....Click... its a Metronome!
this works wonders for stoned jerks like me
If you dont have Reason, then all it does is this:
on your drum box
at the first drum strike of every 8 steps (if running at 1/16 speed, 160-170 BPM ofcourse)
theres a hard strike of a click variety, like a hihat but with a hard midrange signature
It repeats 3 times, then theres the final strike, which just strikes at a slightly different note, going up or down a bit, to signal the end of the break

Just made the pieces of the break fit better in my head aurally, and you can always remove them once youre done piecing the breaks together

I actually just kept the metronome for the final edit of the track "MischieF - Summer day"
ill try to post it asap, but the f00kin add atachment thing arghhFjhhghgh.
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