Drum & Bass This is OCTOBER / exit, auxiliary, horo, narratives etc.

best mix I made to date I guess.. enjoy.

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01. THY LVE - What We Promise [EXITLP011]
02. Elemental - Archival [AUXCD005]
03. Synkro - The Way [EXITLP011]
04. Sam KDC - Lovesick [VEILUN001]
05. Indigo - The Root [EXIT042]
06. Nitri - Survivors [HZNCD09]
07. A-Cray - Common Truth [ZENITH012]
08. The Untouchables - Weapon X [TRNSLDIGI017]
09. Arp XP - My Place [IMLTD042]
10. Figa & Mdub - Machine [ABSCD004]
11. Alix Perez feat. D.Ablo - Playing Games [SHACD007]
12. Tokyo Prose - Status Anxiety [REDSEAL019S]
13. Krone & Malsum Ft. Stago - Rainforest [MEDIC22]
14. Lana Del Ray - Videogames (Vicious Circle Bootleg Mix)
15. Blocks, Escher & ASC - Heliocentric [NARRATIVES005]
16. Sam KDC - Erosion [HORO010BUNDLE]
17. ASC & Synth Sense - Glimpse [VEILUN001]
18. Silence Groove - Munch Box [OFFWORLD027]
19. ST Files - Eric Bristow [EXITLP011]
20. Distance - Skys Alight [NOMIC003]

The Watcha

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Sweet opener with What We Promise. Still trying to get that to sit in a Beats & Bass episode. Achival was just about the right amount of additional percussion to What We Promise, complimenting it with more metallic plinks on the beats and Indian style music melodies every so often. Vocals in The Way came in effectively to Elemental's tune for that to take a slight back seat as Synkro's tune does its thing in the foreground. The central break in Lovesick is wicked.... didn't realise it was that tune till I looked at the tracklist & realised I had it (I must start playing that more). The Root sounds cool where it is, between Lovesick & Survivors. The latter kind brought the enery up a notch in the mix, sounding like a choice selection with The Root.

Not sure which tune I was listening to at 20:48, but I think the deep tribal one is the Weapon X. If it is, I'm really really that :) That booty of Videogames sounded really nice in there. Been a while since I have heard that. Erosion really pushed through the mix off the back of Heliocentric.... personal fave off Scope. Munch Box was another new bit too me. Liked the pacey beats of that, and quite a contrast to Glimpse.

Really nice mix altogether Amigo. Playing Games and one or two of the other bits that took the mix on more of a fast pace kinda seemed like they wanted to take the mix on a different direction than the title might suggested, which is just up to personal preference. Tightly mixed, EQ-ing was really good, and even liked the bass alternations between some of the tunes when the mixes were in, which I am not usually fond of. Good stuff man (y)

Would be cool if you could take a listen to my latest Beats & Bass 6 mix and jot some thoughts, as it is along a similar line to this mix