This is gonna seem really NOOB of me


Jul 24, 2008
i think i SHOULD know this but i might as well ask anyways...

Who is this guy???


is see it as rik but i dont know who the guy is.


Jan 21, 2003
Pecknarm SE15
hahaha savage! :D

True though innit - the fattest "pop stars" get is like charlotte church and then I bet her record company said.......

"Char - look love - you've got to cut down on the cakes, so I reckon a good cover up to keep records sales flowing is - get pregnant and then start a shit fucking TV show that no one will watch as your so fucking fat and repulsive. So in other words your singing career is over but your useless TV career has just begun - I mean there's loads of fat people on TV like Rik from pop idol and Fearn on GMTV - You go fatty......!"

To be honest I'd probably still fuck her but only for fun and only if it was degrading for her and she ends up being completely humiliated - which she probably already does BECAUSE SHE's FAT!
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