This is England '88 (one off 2 hour Christmas special)


dirty breaks

love the film until it goes all fucked up and grim at the end, didn't watch '86 because it just didn't seem right, and was even more grim, but defs will be watching this time round...

Shane Meadows is set to follow up the explosive, This Is England '86 with a one
off, two hour Christmas Special, This Is
England '88 for transmission in
December 2011

Commissioned by Head of Drama, Camilla
Campbell and in a first for the channel, the
feature length special will see Meadows pick
up the action in the Christmas of 1988. With
the gang all back, the central relationship
between Lol (Vicky McLure) and Woody (Joe
Gilgun) will be the main focus around which
the story will unfold.

And while, Cliff may have been at No 1
during the festive season with Mistletoe and
Wine, will it be a time for trusting and no
deceiving, a time of love and laughter and
joy ever after? This is England. This is

Shane Meadows says; "A bit like Al Pacino
in Godfather III. Just when I think my love
affair with This is England is over, it pulls me
back in"

Camilla Campbell, Head of Drama says "
This Is England '86 was the highest rating
original drama series launch ever seen on
C4 and we're beyond excited that Shane,
Warp Films and the cast have agreed to
return with this feature length drama. It is
set to pull together a lot of story threads
from '86, leaving the way clear for a new
series of This Is England '90 which is
currently in development."

This Is England '88 will be directed by Shane
Meadows, written by Shane Meadows and
Jack Thorne, produced by Mark Herbert and
Warp Films. Filming in Spring 2011.


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Dunno what it was but when I saw this fight scene with those scooter mugs and woodys ridicolous haircut I knew this wasn´t meant for me..also he was fighting like a spastic. :lol:


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hes scared of his wife. haha id smack the shit out her its easy she a girl. cant throw or run or nothing.


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ooooh shes obviously preening herself, showing off to impress the men, i say bartender another vodka redbull for the young lady please