This is driving me crazy...


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Sorry folks, this is probably in the wrong section but this is literally driving me mad!

Please please please ID the the rave classic that Nymfo drops after Headroom...I'm ashamed for not remembering (as I have probably heard it over 200 times) but it's got to the stage where i am willing to swallow my pride and ask you lot...

Part of me wants to say Dillinja but I'm still at a loss :(

It's around the 27:00 minute mark - Help a bruvva out?


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This one always takes me back. It's such a big, menacing tune.

I remember being dragged to my first rave. It was 1997. Some girls convinced me to go. I ate my first pill and started wandering around the various rooms. As I was walking down one hallway, the floor and walls were shaking like there was an earthquake. I walked into that room and fell in love. I had never even heard of dnb before. The tune playing was Dillinja's remix of Strontium Jazz and Trace was playing. I ended up dancing by myself for the next 6 or so hours. That night changed my life. Hard Noize reminds me of that night. Those tunes are so similar. Dillinja was untouchable back then and it wasn't even his best era.