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Jun 2, 2017
Katerini Greece
Hell0 f0rum!
U're pr0bably all w0ndering and w0rry t00 much ab0ut me typing zer0es instead 0f reall o's.
The fact is that the real o is br0ken 0n my keyb0ard and this is a lapt0p s0 i can't just buy a new 0ne and replace it!Even if i c0uld i really can't af0rd it at this time 0f my life.
S0 there u g0 !Explained and br0ke d0wn f0r u t0 easily understand this situati0n!
H0pe u all start giving feedback a bit m0re!There is actually a f0rum especially f0r that!Just g0 t0
F0rums---->Pr0ducti0n--->New Talent &Track reviews!!!Easy huh?
C u ar0und the f0rum fellas...

P.S: All the reall o's in this thread were c0py and pasted.

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Dec 1, 2013
y0u can always get y0urself an external keyb0ard c0nnect via usb? 0r bluet00th 0r fuck kn0ws what

actually that's n0t very relevant t0 y0ur thread request, s0, s0rry, I h0pe y0u find what y0u are l00king f0r :2thumbs:
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