This Friday -> Breakneck: Andy C & MC Eksman


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I'm personally very very happy...

Big nite for Portsmouth DnB. Mute brought it hard, and went 4 dem energetic / ambitious and (mainly) sucessful mixes...

SDM, Trips, Charge, did what they always do- Tear it up!

Andy C! Asking if he can play for 2 hrs? This is unheard of, was crazy.


Cheers to the afta party peeps for the beer and the sofa.

jay walker

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Long live Breakneck - awesome night, wicked vibe an an up-for-it-crowd!

Only caught the end of SDM / Triple M's set, but sounded tight, what was the last tune you guys played? that was ill!

Charge's set was mixed to perfection, totally kept be rocking for an hour & an half. Eksman, definintely-the best-man had the crowd eating out of his hand, semi-automatic-blawo-blawo-blawo!

Andy musta asked for a 2 hr coz previously he had been late last time pon the pier (an it was only an hour & half set too! - but who cares!!!) Taking us up an down a dnb roller coaster, showing why no ones even close to him on a set of decks.

Breakneck just goes from strength to strength, bigup all involved!